Here’s a collection of some of our favorite pictures from Brazil!

Traveling to Brazil

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

by Laura and Adam

You’d think that having a full weekend more than the other CBID teams to prepare for our trip would mean that we were ready to go when Monday came along, but we were still getting ready at our planned leaving time of 2:30pm. Despite this, we managed to get to the airport with time to spare, which was lucky since we forgot to have lunch in the packing frenzy and were able to get food at BWI. There were signs before security warning travelers to use mosquito repellant due to the risks that mosquitoes pose, reminding us how relevant and important our project is! 

We took three flights to get to our destination—Baltimore to Florida, Florida to São Paulo, and São Paulo to Recife. I realized how much of a language barrier there would be on the flight out of São Paulo. It was a regional flight, so most of the passengers were Brazilian and did not speak English. The look on my face when the flight attendant asked if I wanted a “bebida” confused him as much as his question confused me. After the exhaustion of more than 12 hours of travel, all I could get out was “um… I don’t… English?” to which he chuckled and asked if I wanted a drink. It was a great start to a constantly confusing, embarrassing, and extremely entertaining month of conversations to come!

Upon arrival in Recife, we were approached by a few taxi drivers looking to give us a ride to our hotel, which gave Adam a chance to kindly decline using the wonderful Portuguese he’s been working on for the past month or so.

We took Ubers to the hotel and checked in. After getting settled in our rooms, we ventured to a local market for an early dinner/late lunch. We got a variety of tapioca crepes, sugar cane juice, and coconuts, all delicious. On the way back to the hotel, all of us were thrilled for the chance to walk along the beach, drinking water out of the coconuts as the sun set behind us.  Needless to say, our welcome night in Recife has spoiled us. 


Pre-Brazil Prototyping

We are busy this week getting ready for our short 3 flight trip to Brazil! We have some early prototypes to show off, and are doing our best to have them ready for meetings in three cities. All are along the northern coast of Brazil and are among the hardest hit areas by the mosquito-borne Zika virus.